About SDA


Thank you for visiting the Seoul International Drama Awards,
a global hub for dramas from all over the world.

The Seoul International Drama Awards, launched in 2006 has grown into a worldwide drama festival where around 50 countries participate every year.
Dramas representing each country are competing each other for the glory of the best drama of the year, and the directors, writers, actors, actresses are gathering to interact and communication with fans in Seoul.


Numerous online service and advanced devices break down the barriers of watching dramas. A whirlwind of change to media industry makes it easier for us to access a variety of content, and it leads to the growth of the market for foreign dramas.


Especially, the non-English drama industry is blooming more than ever. International dramas, which have been a small part at big awards and festivals are now becoming one of the main features of the ceremony.
Accordingly, content markets are paying attention to the international contents.
People are waiting for another megahit following <Squid Game> from South Korea.


Those are what the Seoul International Drama Awards has aimed of for the 18 editions.
The Seoul International Drama Awards discovers and introduces hidden masterpieces from all over the world, from Turkish epic to South American telenovelas, to Scandinavian noir to the Asian family soap operas.

The Seoul International Drama Awards does remember the time of joy and comfort given by the drama during the pandemic when leisure activities and cultural life were forced to stop for a while.

If the last year was a process of preparing for daily recovery, Seoul International Drama Awards 2023 is preparing to open a grand festival where we can share enjoyable moments of reunion.

Please wait for the fabulous line-up of new series from the world at the Seoul Drama Awards 2023. Hope to see you here in Seoul.

Thank you.

Chairman of Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee