[PRESS RELEASE] Eye on the new entries of Seoul International Drama Awards 2024

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  • 2024-03-11
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Eye on the new entries of

Seoul International Drama Awards 2024

Call for Submission for Seoul International Drama Awards 2024

-Entry submission from March 11th-

-Award ceremony and festival events with global drama fans in October-

[Press Release: 2024-03-11]

Seoul International Drama Awards 2024, a worldwide drama festival, opens the 19th event by calling for submissions from March 11th.


Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee(SDAOC, led by the Chairman Park Min) announced the tetative schedule throughout a year; the entry submission(March 11th to May 16th), judging and the online fan voting(June to July), and the Awards Ceremony and the related events(October).


The SDA 2024 runs mainly two categories of the ‘International Competition' and the ‘K-Drama Competition’. The 'International Competition' selects outstanding works from around the world including K-dramas but ‘K-Drama Competition' is only for domestic programs that chooses the best dramas produced by Korean production companies or broadcasters. Entries should initially been broadcast or released between the dates of June 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.


The 'Outstanding Asian Star' and the 'Outstanding Korean O.S.T' winners will be selected 100% by fan voting. The 'Golden Bird Prize' which was established last year will be chosen by SDAOC to honor remarkable achievements or influential works in the industry. Last year’s ‘Golden Bird Prizes’ were awarded to Min-Sik Choi(the main actor of Disney+ film <Casino>), who has recently been the biggest hit in Korean box office with <Exhuma>, and <Casino> directed by Yoon-Sung Kang also won the prize.


The festival will take place in the Banpo Hangang Park in Seoul. It includes talk concerts with award-winning production teams, and various promotion events for upcoming Korean dramas.


Annually, more than 50 countries participate in Seoul International Drama Awards which started in 2006 as the world's first drama-specialized awards. SDA plays a significant role in discovering high quality dramas around the world. The 2023 Grand Prize winner <The Fragile Colossus> was selected at the Best TV Movie at the C21 International Drama Awards held in London on November 30th. Also, Nima Javidi, who won the Best Screenwriter award for <The Actor> received the Best Director award at the 22nd Iran Hafez Awards as well.


The Committee said that “Due to the popularity of K-dramas, overseas interest in the international drama festival held in Korea is also hot.” “Since from the big titles of worldwide market to the diverse generes are waiting for the submission, it is worth looking forward to this year’s festival as well,” the SDAOC added.


Seoul International Drama Awards is held annually in the fall, and this year's ceremony will be broadcast live on SBS TV.