[SDA 2020][Press Release] The 15th Seoul International Drama Awards is one day away

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  • 2020-09-14
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The 15th Seoul International Drama Awards is one day away: Which will be the best drama?


- The awards ceremony will be aired on MBC at 3 p.m. tomorrow

-  Available on ‘wavve’ in South Korea, MBC drama’s official YouTube channel in overseas 




Seoul, South Korea (September 14, 2020) – The 15th Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA 2020), which selects the best works and actors that have lighted up last year among dramas from all over the world, will be broadcasted on MBC in the afternoon, September 15.


SDA 2020, which attracted attentions even before the awards ceremony by announcing a fully ‘non-face-to-face’ format due to the spike in COVID-19 cases, is scheduled to be aired on MBC at 3 p.m. tomorrow. The awards ceremony will also be broadcasted on ‘wavve’ in South Korea while international fans can watch the recording on MBC drama's official YouTube channel.


MCs for this year's awards ceremony are actors Su-ro Kim, K-Pop group GOT7’s Jin-young and MBC announcer Ji-min Park. As it is a non-face-to-face awards ceremony, the method of progress is also noteworthy. MCs appear with Autonomous Shuttle at the awards ceremony which is going to be held with partitions and MC seats maintain a safe distance. In addition, presenters and winners will participate in the awards ceremony via pre-recording. And a select number of pre-determined viewers will be able to access the AR (Augmented Reality) online platform and share the liveliness of the awards ceremony.


Also, a colorful line-up of celebratory performances based on Hallyu (Korean Wave) contents will be arranged. It is an effort to soothe the current situation of not being able to meet the drama stars at the awards ceremony.


Hot K-Pop icon, THE BOYZ, New queen of K-OST, Punch Heroine of K-Trot, Ga-in Song and Baraji, Duet stage of ALi and Solji who starred in K-Variety MBC ‘The Masked Singer’, Beautiful comforting message of K-Kids actor So-won Gal, Seol Kim and Seok-hyun Wang, ALiENZ portraying K-Zombie through dancing, Pride of K-Bboy, Plasma Korea, K-Sports pioneer, K-tigers are expected to heat up the awards ceremony with fascinating performances.

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